Monday, November 01, 2010

Edgy Catchy

Cutting edge and delightfully catchy, Maximum Balloon's 'Groove Me' is exactly the sort of tune I love to feature as Song of the Week. Balloon is both a new act and a familiar face - it's the side project of David Andrew Sitek, indie producer extraordinaire and lead guitarist/co-founder of TV On The Radio, one of the edgiest and most respected bands in indie-dom.

And yet... the reason to do a side project is to create work that wouldn't fit in to your main group's work. This guy's main group does almost everything (post-punk, jazz, soul, electro, shoegaze, a cappella and even doo-wop), but in a challenging, experimental way, whereas Maximum Balloon aims to immediately ingratiate you, to make you dance around your living room.

The 'Groove Me' video clip is as fun and creative as you would expect from this crew - here's the 'Director's Cut'

More from this project. This short boppy promo clip of the electro-pop 'If You Return' features Little Dragon.

Let's not neglect Sitek's day job, the wonderful TV On The Radio.. The 'Golden Age' clips underscores that TVOTR's video work is as memorable as their music...

To this day I find TVOTR's 2003 debut, 'Young Liars,' to be compelling, haunting, and cathartic.. Here's lead singer Tunde Adebimpe doing it live, and
nearly unplugged, last year at Glasslands in Brooklyn...

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