Saturday, October 23, 2010

Easy To Love

Comedy, like soufflé, is a delicate concoction, and all too often the batter's too thick, or the oven door is slammed, letting the air out of the soufflé-balloon. But when the comedy chefs get the recipé right, oh what a joy...

Case in point: 'Easy A,' which soars above its premise with arch dialogue, deft acting, and charming and quirky characters... While it's probably far-fetched, the likeable cast and smart script easily suspended my disbelief...

Emma Stone is luminous as Olive, a bright, sardonic teen who tells a white lie about a fling with a college kid, which goes viral and leads to all sorts of unintended consequences, as she morphs from unnoticeable to notorious.

'Easy A' derives some inspiration - but no plot - from 'The Scarlet Letter..' I won't spoil the fun for you, but I will complement the entire ensemble, especially Stanley Tucci and the always-excellent Patricia Clarkson as Olive's aging hippie parents, Thomas Haden Church as an arch, clever, and humane English teacher, Lisa Kudrow as a Church's flawed guidance-counselor wife.. The younger cast, who I mostly don't recognize, are mostly superb. I must go to bed, I've just eaten way too much Indian vegetarian food. More on that later..

'Easy A' has one of those trailers where you think you've seen the movie and all its jokes, but you really haven't.. the premise is a springboard for a fiesta of farce, a fireworks of wit...

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