Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What The Financial Analyst Saw

IMG_0004On Sunday we saw 'What The Butler Saw,' Joe Orton's 60s-era British farce, in Park Place at the Gallery Players.

Influenced by Feydeau, the Marx Brothers, and perhaps Ionesco, it's was sheer madness delivered with ye olde British serious composure.

The American cast rose to the occasion and elicited a two-hour long grin, if not out-loud laughing..

I wish I could show you a bit of the play, and this one-minute preview from an (English-language) German production does convey the flavor...

Another cute preview, one-minute, from California..

This British version may be too sedate for the material... Check it out nonetheless..

Finally, a 1967 TV interview with Joe Orton, the brilliant, mad, and quite gay playwright...

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