Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Countries (Off I Go)

Tonight I'm off to São Paulo, Brazil for my first business trip with Santander, hosting my first Investor Conference since September 2008, at the edge of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. Brazil, like many large emerging countries, has rebounded brilliantly from the downturn, growing at 7%+ and continuing a 15-year hot streak unlikely to end in the foreseeable future; 30 million Brazilians joined their middle class in the last decade. It's a panorama Americans can only envy. Also, in eight days Brazil will choose their new President after a remarkably intelligent and genteel campaign. A landslide for Lula protegée Dilma Rousseff (pictured left) is widely expected.

Anyway, the conference will be in São Paulo from Monday to Thursday with a day in Buenos Aires on Friday; I fly home from Argentina overnight Saturday and arrive in the wee hours Sunday.
For those who care, this will be my 124th foreign trip, my 74th in Latin America, my 42nd in South America, my 27th to Brazil, and my 22nd to Argentina. Only Mexico has seen my sweet face more (28 times). This will be my 79th foreign business trip.

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