Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Presidential Palace Pretend

Again, my pictures posted before I had a chance to add comments. Could this be a trend. Morning, a picture to guess at.. Evening, the solution. R.E.M. had a song back in 1989 called 'World Leader Pretend,' and that phrase captures the vibe of Saigon's erstwhile South Vietnam Presidential Palace, now the 'Reunification Palace' museum...

The decor combines 60s post-modern with Asian sparsity... It manages to be be slightly gaudy without being lavish or even busy.. Holy Chinoiserie...

It's a poor Asian cousin of Brasilia or even Reykjavik... Later on I'll post shots of this building's antiquated 60s security and communications infrastructure...

Special bonus: live version of REM's 'World Leader Pretend..'

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