Monday, September 27, 2010

In Your Head A Long Time

Give today's song a listen or two and it'll stick with you for nice spell. 'Stop For A Minute' is a well-constructed pop gem that pired British quartet Keane with Somali-Canadian singer and rapper K'Naan that surprisingly didn't do as well as their earlier material. Adored in their native UK, inexplicably unknown here, their music is just too pretty to dismiss as 'Coldplay-lite..'

They are classic purveyors of piano-driven pop-rock ballads and midtempo confections - they weren't aiming to be poets or geniuses, just to touch your heartstrings, and touch they do...

Also, Tim Rice-Oxley has vocal range and soulfulness that Coldplay's Chris Martin can only dream of...

Originally named The Lotus Eaters, they renamed themselves Cherry Keane after a family friend of pianist Tom Chaplin who encouraged him to follow his dreams, and later died of cancer. They later shortened the name to just 'Keane...'

Here's the irresistible 'Stop For A Minute, ' I like how K'Naan's rap (a verse & a half after his excellent singing) doesn't at all take away from the song's pop sweetness

Here's 'The Lovers Are Losing,' a live version with excellent sound quality. The official video has been blocked by their record label... Happily, they sound terrific light and don't need heavy instrumentation or production...

Keane broke through in the UK with a string of major pop hits in 2004-2005... It's very radio-friendly, easily digestible light pop..

My favorite song from their debut album, here's 'Bedshaped' live, putting the finishing touch on a concert...

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