Monday, September 13, 2010

Do I Hear Four?

Four for 'The Like,' the distaff Angeleno foursome that brings you today's musical pleasure, and four for me, launching a fourth year of Songs of the Week.

That's right, today marks 3 years I've been doing this weekly, without fail, and the provocatively-titled "He's Not A Boy" will be song #157...

As one critic noted, The Like find 'an exquisite balance between the 60s girl group/British invasion sounds they adore and an impossibly modern lyrical point of view.' Think Bangles, but smarter, tighter, and more 21st century...

The Like was formed a decade back in Los Angeles by two teenage daughters of music industry veterans - their delightful names are Elizabeth 'Z' Berg (vocals and guitars) and Tennessee Thomas (Drums). Over five years they pieced together 3 EPs - named 'I Like The Like', '...And The Like,' and 'Like It Or Not,... ' and gained a bass player and an organist.

I somehow missed their debut five years back, but this year's 'Release Me' is a perfect 10 bulls-eye that's hard to ignore... 'He's Not A Boy,' the song that got my attention, isn't at all what it sounds like - it's even better, deft lyrics, unforgettable hooks, and a subject matter road not often taken... this clip is black-and-white bliss...

Here's another black-and-white clip: 'Wishing He Was Dead,' is a catchy, organ-driven, mid-tempo relationship anger song..

The Like's title track, 'Release Me,' rendered live in Rolling Stone's studios... shades of Tracey Ullman?

From their forgotten first album, the very promising rock-inflected 'What I Say And What I Mean..'

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