Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bigger Than Your Head

Hey all, I spent most of this quiet weekend resting and trying, successfully, to get rid of a headcold. We watched two great films on DVD, more on those later...
Saturday night we treated ourselves to a vegetarian South Indian dinner at lovely Chennai Garden over in Gramercy Park.. I had a Chennai combination, the centerpiece of which is a dhosa bigger than your head...

Dhosas are crisp, savory pancakes with vegetable filling -in this case ground potato and spices.
There are several dipping sauces including coconut chutney and sambar, a tangy spicy lentil broth. Under the dhosa is Utthappan, a spiced lentil and rice flour pancak. Finally, malai kofta, a vegetable fritter in a rich, creamy sauce..

All gone! If only I didn't eat faster than a speeding bullet... It wasn't very expensive, either.. Only a little more than the corner diner...

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