Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Be Loved

The lovely and one-of-a-kind Gilda Incantalupo was thoroughly surprised by an 80th birthday bash today at the Terrace (formerly Crab House) in Long Island City.
Gilda celebrated this milestone surrounded by loving family and friends, with much fanfare and good cheer, but only intermittent air conditioning, on a scorching 93F day in the Apple.. As a tribute to Gilda's youthful and feisty spirit, the party was envisioned as a Sweet Sixteen - times five....

Here's Gilda with 11 of her 12 grandchildren!
There was much music (provided by a singing MC bravely stretching his range) and dancing, the wine flowed, the cake was cut, the pasta dishes glistened...

Gilda and her six children.. Her youngest son, our good friend David (far left), made, specially for this event, a film-footage-and-photo montage of Gilda's life with friends and family through the decades...

Finally, Gilda with just some of her vast 'adopted family,'
which for the last two decades has included my partner JP (second from left) and, now, I'm pleased and honored to say, me...

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