Monday, August 30, 2010

Sia In Another Life

Our Australia-fest continues this week, in honor of our lovely traveling companions from down under. This week's infectious stomper, 'You've Changed' is the latest work by Sia Kate Isobelle Furler of Adelaide, a soulful jazz-styled pop singer-songwriter who goes by 'Sia.' This lady's vocals are very distinctive and memorable, and she's won wide acclaim not just for her own well-crafted album but for her memorable guest vocals for UK chill-out combo Zero 7.

Sia is in one breath conventional - torch songs, pop stylings - and unconventional - a gay, vegetarian, pets-rights activist with a gift for whimsical song titles such as 'Death By Chocolate,' 'The Church of What's Happening Now, ' 'Electric Bird,' and 'The Girl You Lost To Cocaine...'

The title of today's song, 'You've Changed,' confounds expectations, as it turns out to be about a romantic partner who's changed for the better....

The 'You've Changed' video is quite endearing and amusing..

A musical walk through Sia's career highlights begins with 'The Girl You Lost To Cocaine,' another fun video with serious subject matter...

Here's Sia on Letterman belting out the midtempo 'Soon We'll Be Found...'

Let's not neglect Sia's brilliant work with Zero 7, the highpoint of which is 'Destiny,' rendered here live...

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