Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marilyn, Down Under, Made From Lattes

While I was exploring Vietnam with a lovely group of mostly Aussies & Kiwis,
my friend Christi actually travelled to both Australia and New Zealand on business! While in Sydney, she happened upon this brilliant installation at the annual Australian Aroma Festival.. It's the Marilyn Monroe poster from 'Some Like It Hot,' assembled from highly unusual material......

Look closer, and you can see that the picture
was reconstructed with 5,200 of cups of latte, flat white cappuccino, and long black espresso! All of the milk had reached its use-by date, we are informed... The previous year's festival created the Mona Lisa from similar material...

This awesome video u
ses stop motion to 'speed up' the creation of this coffee art masterpiece from several hours to less than 3 minutes. Highly entertaining...

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