Monday, July 26, 2010

We Are All Vatos

Today's surprising, charming song comes from Ozomatli, a Los-Angeles 7-piece band that fuses Latin and rock music, with occasional splashes of jazz, salsa, funk, reggae, and hip hop! In their own words, they're influenced by everything you hear when 'you drive down Sunset Blvd, roll down your windows, and listen to all the music that comes out of each and every different car.

Ozomatli is occasionally played on adult pop radio for a dollop of musical diversity that isn't too threatening. And yet they subtly bold and daring - witness today's Song, 'Gay Vatos In Love,' an anthem for marriage equality and acceptance and understanding of gay people, written by these Californians in the wake of Proposition 8.. Here's the video...

Here are Ozomatli's two biggest previous hits,

First, from 2007, the delightful crooning of 'After Party..'

Second, from 2004, the more hip-hop-inflected 'Saturday Night:'

Here's the band discussing the genesis 'Gay Vatos In Love' and how it's been received by the more conservative portions of their diverse audience.

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