Monday, July 05, 2010

New Frapp

I can't believe that, in nearly 3 years and 146 songs, I haven't yet shone my spotlight on British electronica duo Goldfrapp, named for its songwriter/chanteuse Alison Goldfrapp.

Ms. Goldfrapp sports a look she describes as 'Marlene Dietrich gone new-wave dance diva.' But Alison is always melody and atmosphere first, and pounding beat second, making Goldfrapp among the most listenable dance artists of their time. The band's tasty blend of synth-pop and glam rock has produced a string of hits in Europe and several club anthems here in the States. Today's Song, 'Alive, ' is a euphoric hymn that washes over you like a wave of disco peppermint ice cream...

At one point Madonna was copying Alison's wardrobe and hairstyle, at which point the British press began describing her as 'Oldfrapp'!!! Actually, Alison Goldfrapp is 44, only 7 1/2 years younger than 'Oldfrapp'.... Take a video tour, starting with today's spotlight song, 'Alive':

It's actually a mellow song of Goldfrapp, 'Black Cherry, ' that first grabbed my attention back in 2003... True, it's an atmospheric, wall-of-sound ballad, like 'Take My Breath Away...'

Her biggest hit to date was 2005's stomper, 'Oh La La,'
which actually borrowed a guitar line from the 1971 classic 'Spirit In The Sky'...

Another lean, spare but whippingly-good dance pop nugget is 'Strict Machine,' from 2003...

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