Friday, July 02, 2010

High Line Jig-Saw

Here's some jig-saw-esque public art currently viewable on the High Line. It's Richard Galpin's 'Viewing Station'... Galpin is 'best known for creating altered photographs of cityscapes....'

And here's the Viewing Station... For the High Line, Galpin has created a 'viewing station' that functions in a manner similar to his cut photographs. Park visitors can look through a viewing apparatus lined up with a metal screen from which geometric shapes have been cut.

A Japanese head of hair's owner checks out the puzzle pieces that aren't there... Galpin says 'The combination of these two devices gives visitors an altered, abstracted view from the High Line. One of the wonderful experiences the High Line has provided to visitors is a new vista of Manhattan. Similarly, Galpin's artwork offers a novel reconsideration of our surroundings.'

Speaking of Jigsaw, check out the 1975 smash 'Sky High...'

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