Monday, July 19, 2010

August In July

IMG_1010Meet August Henry Diaz, born June 25, 2010! Yesterday, in the torrid 94-degree heat, we finally caught up with August and his proud parents, our friends Marco and Janice, in their new Brooklyn Heights digs, just a few blocks from their previous digs.

They moved scant days before August's arrival, but you'd never know it, their place looked so lovely, cheerful, tidy and spacious..

We all checked out the neighborhood's famed Bastille Day festival, and, as you can see, August looks quite Gallic in his little striped outfit..

We had red sangria in the sun and a splendiferous Middle Eastern meal at 'Waterfalls,' which I ate until I was ready to explode...

I actually got a bit sick last night and this morning, not sure if it's the sun, the sangria, too much eaten too fast, or the effect of seven weeks waiting to hear if I got my new job (which I did!). In any case, starting to feel much better now... Here are Marco, Janice, and JP...

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