Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Milan Sonata

Last night I saw the acclaimed Italian film 'I Am Love,' with Bart, and was reminded that there's a movie theater one block from my work, a career first when I think about it!

It's a slow start, as astoundingly beautiful cinematography and haunting score are at first more immediately and intensely felt than the plot, which introduces us slowly to the Recchis, a wealthy, stylish Milanese family celebrating their grandfather's birthday. But several changes are set in motion by the grandfather's retirement and death, and the plot intensifies considerably at the halfway point and ends on a note of near-operatic pathos. Anchoring the film is a stunning performance by Tilda Swinton as the family's restless, Russian-born mother that is so convincing that at one point I utterly believed her not speaking a word of English.. The movie is eye-candy for armchair travelers, foodies, fashionistas, and admirer of either sex. It is ear candy for enthusiasts of Italian and/or contemporary classical composer John Adams.

Here's the preview:

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