Monday, June 28, 2010

Lovin' Spoon-ful

Today's Song of the Week is the haunting, restless, and lovely 'Mystery Zone' by Spoon, the Austin-based indie quartet that is one of the past decade's four or five best bands (up there with The Shins and New Pornographers).

Over 17 years, Spoon have crafted seven breathtaking, highly acclaimed albums of indie rock that is crisp and full of life... Spoon can sound haunting and experimental at one moment and channel the Beatles, Billy Joel or Hall & Oates the next. Spoon's visionary is its lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter, Brit Daniel, he of the protean, throaty voice.

Here's 'The Mystery Zone,' live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Electric..

'Nobody Gets Me But You' is another stellar track from 'Transference,' there most recent album...

Yet another great song, 'Who Makes Your Money, ' at El Cid in January, on the eve of their latest album's release..

The actual single off this last album is the challenging, muscular 'Written In Reverse...'

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