Saturday, June 19, 2010

JP's Brussels Address!

In the world's oldest and classiest mall, the Galleries Royales St Hubert,
JP feels very much at home. A happy coincidence! Can't find anything about this store on the web, though...

St Hubert is a
glazed shopping arcade that launched a trend, the first of its kind, inspiring the more famous Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle in Milan and The Passage in St Petersburg. It, in turn, is inspired by the Uffizi museum in Florence...Here are photos of the aforementioned Galleries:, starting with the Tunnel Effect:

Raise the roof! Pierce the ceiling! This project was conceived in 1835, only 5 years after Belgium was founded, and authorized in 1845. Construction began in 1846, lasted 18 months, and the 213 meter passage was
finally inaugurated June 20, 1847 by King Leopold..

The stately gatelies...
Bearing the motto 'Omnibus omnia,' or 'everything for everybody...' There's even a theatre inside, opened at the very beginning in 1847 and still going strong..

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