Wednesday, May 05, 2010


A week ago Saturday we visited our friends Cathy & Chris and their kids in Highland Park, in deepest Jersey. They're very good cooks, and Chris regaled us with a magnificent Louisiana Gumbo, with chicken, okra, and andouille sausages...

An hour or two earlier, the Gumbo was
still being cooked... The world 'gumbo' is believed to come from the Bantu (Angolan) word (ki)ngombo, meaning 'okra'... Gumbo is often considered Louisiana's greatest contribution to American cuisine..

chicken in several stages...

We still hadn't quite consumed 2 days worth of calories...
Hence, a Pecan Pie from desert. Pecan Pie is the highest and best form of liquid sugar in creation... Note to self: have one slice of Pecan Pie every six months.... Pecan pie is also from New Orleans, and is primarily a custard made of corn syrup and pecan nuts, sometimes with salt & vanilla, other times with spice and even bourbon...

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