Thursday, April 08, 2010

Knowing Jack

JP recently acquainted me with 1960s crooner Jack Jones, who had huge success with 'easy listening' radio - vocal music for the adults of the period that didn't go for rock... Unknown at Top 40 radio, I remember him from elevators and department stores.. For example, he had the most successful version of
'The Impossible Dream,' the theme of the hit 60s musical 'Man Of The La Mancha...' For some reason, this makes me think of me at age 6 or 7 being driven by my Mom on errands around Springfield or Silver Spring or Long Beach..

Hardly Breathing... Almost Comatose...

I couldn't resist surreptitiously photographing the open-mouthed slumberer that fate placed in the airplane seat next to mine, on route to LA... Who knows, maybe the bug I caught on that business trip sprang from his uncovered germ entrance/exit ramp, pictured below..

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