Monday, April 26, 2010

Defies Categorization

This week's song, the devilishly catchy and twangy "Marlene,' is by Lightspeed Champion aka Devonté Hynes, a British composer, songwriter, producer, and comic book author whose life, music and career are a challenge to categorize....

Though he's British and grew up in Essex, he was born in Houston and now calls New York his home.. The name 'Lightspeed Champion' is taken from a series of comic strips he drew as a teenager in the margins of his math textbook...

Here's the great video for Marlene, certainly the strongest song Hynes has ever written. It's the single off his recently released second album 'Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You!":

From his first album, 'Falling Off The Lavendar Bridge,' it's the swaying, buoyant 'Midnight Surprise.'

At age 18 he joined the admired but short-lived dance punk band Test Icicles, making the duo into a trio...
The band claims their name has nothing to do with testicles but involves a primeval testing of icicles for their strength and fitness for use as weapons.. Uh, sure... Here's the Icicles' clip for 'Circle Square Triangle..'

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