Monday, March 29, 2010

We Share A Name...

After six years, two months, and eleven days of blogging, it's high time I confessed that the title of this blog, 'OK Go!,' is not an Aaron original...

I stole this odd moniker from a (then) obscure Chicago indie-pop band, I just love the sound of it.. OK Go! OK Go! It's snappy. It crackles. It pops.

Today's Song of the Week is from those very same Windy City namesakes, who are back with a terrific third album (five whole years after their sophomore effort), called 'Of The Blue Color Of The Sky..' The song's title happens to be a favorite expression of my Mom: "This Too Shall Pass.."

Here they are live - their damn label blocked the video.. grrrr:

OK Go's biggest hit to date is 2005's 'Here It Goes Again,' which gained popularity with their famous 'treadmill video...'

From their flawless, earth-moving 2002 debut, it's 'She's So Damn Hot...

One more catchy energy blast from their debut, 'Don't Ask Me..'

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