Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Tale of the $13 Mushroom

I've always been intrigued by exotic, gourmet mushrooms, and a few weeks back, right before Valentine's Day, I couldn't resist bringing home this $13 maitake specimen from a produce fair we wandered by down in the village... Maitake appear rippling and fan-shaped - they bear a most unusual and pleasant elastic texture, and a distinctive, rich, woodsy aroma and taste...

I then decided I would erect a creamy, mushroomy love-meal for my Valentine...

Prime boneless chicken breast was to be the centerpiece of the dish... and I used fresh herbs to spice up the flour in which I would dredge the chicken...

I made my very savory beefy rice using several cans of Campbell's double-rich, double-thick Beef Broth... Of course, I browned some mushrooms for the base of this dish, as well... Tomorrow, you'll see how my best laid plans came out....

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