Monday, March 15, 2010

Music, Swede Music

This week's sonic bonbon, 'Black & Blue' is a pretty, angular, jittery and soulful piece of synth-pop from Swedish pop trio Miike Snow.

Enjoyable, to be sure. I hadn't heard anything else by this group before but choosing them as SOTW fodder is an excuse to go digging...

Wikipedia says that the group's odd name is the amalgam of a close friend's name and the surname of Japanese film director Takashi Miike...

The "Black & Blue" video is low-budget kind of fun...

One brighter video is the group's 'Animal,' a song that sports an electronic fast-reggae beat and Sting-influenced vocals..

The video for 'Burial' seems to be set in Varanasi, India, the holy Ganges with its cremation ghats. Venice with flower petals and cow dung..

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