Saturday, March 13, 2010

Foodies Get Their Just Desserts

Two weeks back we dined with our friends Marco & Janice at Palo Santo in Park Slope; Marco & Janice are avid 'foodies,' the 21st century term for 'gourmet..' The chef at Palo Santo takes fresh Latin market food as his inspiration. We had the $25 prix fixe, and it was sumptuous. Here are some dessert outtakes.. Coming soon: the main dishes & hors d'oeuvres...

My dessert choice was this pineapple-orange-coconut warm bread pudding...

Here's an explosively chocolaty creme catalane that's about five times as tasty & interesting as it looks here...

JP can't remember what his dessert here consisted of, but he remembers that it was delicious!

...and here are Marco and Janice, who we met on our ex-Yugoslavia vacation last August.. They're the first friends JP & I met as a couple..

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