Monday, March 08, 2010

The Floor The Heart

This week, as winter here begins its slow fade to spring,
I bring you the warmth and heat of a full-throated r&b/pop/reggae Ibiza dance anthem, cooked up by French dance-floor whiz David Guetta and UK soulstress Estelle...

Today's song, "One Love," was a minor radio hit in Europe and a club sensation worldwide.

Like Timbaland in the US, House-meister Guetta's had a huge hit album with a bevy of hot guest stars who he's produced or written for at one point or another. had back-to-back #1 singles throughout Europe with Kelly Rowland & Akon, respectively, the Akon song even went top 5 in the US... ...but today's song. The Kelly Rowland collaboration, 'When Love Takes Over,' borrows contains a Coldplay riff if you listen very closely...

And here's the Akon collaboration, 'Sexy Chick'... Most Americans under 25 have heard this a few hundred times..

As for vocalist Estelle, you may remember her classic "American Boy" which was Song of the Week in March 2008 and later got substantial US radio play... Here she sings it at the World Music Awards..

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