Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Un-Peanut Brittle

David's boyfriend Paul is a culinary genius, and for David's birthday he created a unique cake with lemon curd, lemon frosting, and, best of all, a shower of pistachio brittle! It tasted every bit as rich and scrumptious as it looks in this here photo:

Up close and brittle... I'd never heard of brittle using a non-peanut nut, but the practice is widespread.. To make this hard sugar candy with embedded nuts, you heat sugar and water to 300F, caramelizing the sugar, and add the nuts, spices, and leavening agents such as peanut butter. This hot candy is poured onto a flat surface for cooling, after which it's broken into pieces...

Aerial views... David had no trouble extinguishing the candles and securing his birthday wish...

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