Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soy Vay Es Meer

No Cutesy Product Name Left Behind? From the shelves of Gristedes, my main market, a brand of Asian-esque sauces that are both kosher and branded 'Soy Vay' in cloying Hebrew-esque script... : - )

Not to be outdone, it's Bone Suckin' Sauce..
(that sounds obscene, actually).. 'we're talkin' serious' is their motto..

Hey, this, from a blogger who purchased a $13 mushroom this weekend.. : - ) OK, it was indeed the size of my head... More on that later... Mrs. Dash is no slouch when it comes to condiments, this time in the marinade family...

Here's the Jardine's Ranch 7-J sauce line... I took a lot of great photos this long weekend, and will regale you with these as we run out that February clock....

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