Monday, March 01, 2010

Local Phenomenon

Prepare for a funky, hip, eclectic treat - today's musical entrée is the sassy, infectious '15 to 20,' by The Phenomenal Handclap Band, a 10-member NYC combo as diverse as the city they and we inhabit.

Their album is both well-crafted stunningly diverse, not a surprise given the musical pedigrees of its ten different band members. In their own words, it's a "harmonious culmination of numerous diverse musical backgrounds resulted in a sound that is equal parts anthemic, dancefloor-oriented and orchestral, embracing elements of progressive rock, disco, electro, and psychedelia."

'15 to 20,' the band's first single, is throwback to underground styles of yore, fusing angular proto-new wave with Paradise Garage-era funky grooves. Happily, its video ' captures the song's vibe with visual verve..

A second single, 'Baby,' has emerged... a memorable slice of mid-tempo blue-eyed soul, with horn and bass charts..

And here they are live with a favorite album track, the retro-futuristic rock-funk-chorale of 'You'll Disappear..."

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