Monday, February 08, 2010

Forward Backward Forward

Tugging forward while looking backward for inspiration, UK neo-synth-pop duo La Roux feel like the second coming of the legendary Yaz, even though that group dissolved half a decade before the La Roux-some twosome were born.

Yaz, you may recall, was synthmeister Vince Clarke and husky vocalist Alison Moyet, before Moyet retired into happy multiple maternity and Clarke teamed with Andy Bell to form the extremely successful duo Erasure.

Flash forward 25 years, and La Roux's Eleanor Jackson sings in Moyet's raw wail of a voice while Ben Langmaid's knob-twisting wizardy out-Clarkes Clarke himself. The result is La Roux's astonishing debut, which in the UK has churned out hit after hit after hit.. well, four hits. Picking just one for Song of the Week was a challenge, as they are all memorable - and similar - but I settled on 'In For The Kill..' Their label blocks their videos, but here they are live at the Mercury Awards ceremony back in September..

Here's their biggest hit, Bulletproof, live on GMTV...

Their final single 'Quicksand,' sounds lovely in this acoustic by singer Elly Jackson...

One more: "I'm Not Your Toy" live at Abbey Road, with an spoken intro by Elly Jackson...

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