Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Beer Fairy Cometh

Have you ever wondered where bars get their tap beer? JP & I happened by 8th Avenue's Sports Bar on delivery day...
I was intrigued at the highly blog-able photographic possibilities... My apartment is smelling nice, because...

..JP is in the kitchen cooking 'Turkey and Hominy Chipotle Chili..'
From the NYT cooking section, using a '2-alarm' mix; not sure exactly when we'll eat it.. I'm having lunch with Christi, and that will most probably...

...be take-out empanadas because it's a sunny and beautiful 47F day in Gotham, practically springtime! Ruben's empanadas opened up a store near me two weeks ago; more on that later... last night in Deepest Jersey...

in Olive Grove, I mean Highland Park, where JP's old pals Cathy & Chris
regaled us with highly tasty and caloric shrimp scampi (a stick of butter!), mounds of fluffily perfect rice, mixed salad, an indescribably scrumptious homemade chocolate torte garnished with berries.. It was nice being in a real house and seeing the moon. waxing. 35%.

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