Monday, February 22, 2010

1976 or 2010?

Blindfold yourself and today's song, 'Lovesick,' could be some delightful, obscure, mid-70s mid-tempo disco funk nugget, with horn and piano ruffs and a saucy come-on..

But it's a very recent recording and great retro fun by the team of Norwegian DJ/producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Christabelle, the throaty chanteuse with whom he occasionally collaborates.

Get "Lovesick" with the sleek, symmetric and superficial sexiness of their clip...

This duo first caught my ear three year's ago with 'Let's Practise,'
a hypnotic, highly retro synth-whipped-and-chimed number that channels Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love,' as well as Moskow Diskow's 'Techno Talk,' and does these references proud... The video is steamy...

These two can rock it live very convicingly.. Here they are at Electric Zoo back in September with 'Baby I Can't Stop...'

Here's 'Music In My Mind' with footage from 'Vicky Christina Barcelona'...

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