Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Ate Art

Another 'Aaron moment...' :-)
Three weeks back JP invited me to the School of Visual Arts graduate program's semi-annual open house, which is a real treat if you like contemporary art as much as I do. There was one artist who especially wanted to meet me, since I'm JP's boyfriend..

So we entered her artistic installation, and I reach for a cookie from the buffet, and then realized, to my horror, that it was a fake, artistic cookie made of sawdust and other inedible substances.. I was eating the art! To be fair, every other artist had buffet table sharing wine and cheese and cookies and such with friends and fellow artists. I guess if I'd looked closer, I might have noticed that the cookies had a 'sawdusty' look about them...

At a nearby installation,
the Addams fa-mi-ly...

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