Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do No Wrong?

Can. Meryl. Assemble. Am I getting lazy, or is working all day Sunday addling my brain.. For the answer to these and other questions...

I saw 'It's Complicated,' the hit comedy in which Meryl Streep plays a Santa Barbara pastry-shop owner embarking on an extramarital affair with her own ex-husband, played with wicked bravado by Alec Baldwin, while flirting with Steve Martin's shy architect recovering from his own marital implosion. Casting Streep in this Hollywood comedy is like giving Rembrandt a coloring book - you're bound to get above-average results given her endless virtuosity and limitless range...

I liked this more than I expected to based on the trailer and director Nancy Myers' previous 60-something faux-feminist sex comedy, 'Something's Gotta Give.' Yes, I laughed at 'Gotta Give' and I adore every wrinkle of Diane Keaton's geniune, talented, expressive face, but I felt Keaton's character was too weak and felt aghast that she ultimately chose Nicholson's messy unreliable macho idiot over the much cuter and better-behaved Keanu Reeves.

Happily, Meryl Streep's character brings brains and depth to the table as well as needs and hormones. You can't tell where this movie's headed, and I like that. This film manages to combine emotional honesty and screwball comedy, and is well worth two hours of your time..
Special honors to John Krasinski for superb double takes as the fiancé of Streep's & Baldwin's older daughter, and for the authenticity shown by the three young actors playing their grown children (pictured above left with Streep & Martin, the cutie on the right beign Hunter Parrish of 'Weeds' fame).

Here's trailer #2... the use of Crosby, Stills & Nash's 'Suite Blue Eyes..' is a nice touch. and a snippet of 'History Repeating' by Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey, a lovely 1997 retro tune I'll post later this week...

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