Saturday, January 23, 2010

No, I Regret Nothing...

I guess I didn't come here to sleep...

Hey all, I'm flying home tonight. I finally crossed the finish line at 6pm last night, completing my 25th & final interview.

Later, I met up with Andres and he took me to see 'Piaf,' not a musical but a serious play about a singer that includes singing. 

Translated and adapted from a 1978 London stage play, the result was immediate, powerful, bawdy, searing, and gritty. 

It was as much a tour de force live for Elena Roger, the Argentine lead, as the movie 'La Vie En Rose' was for Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard 3 years back.

It's summer here, high around 90F, with a breeze, and the sun sets at 10pm. Buenos Aires is a lovely, lovely place to be. If it weren't for missing JP I'd be sad to leave. If it weren't for our jobs, I'd ask him to fly down and hang out a few weeks...

Anyway, back to Piaf & Elena Roger..  Below some snippets from YouTube..

Here are snippets from the show and interview, mostly in English as the director, Jamie Lloyd, was imported from the UK.

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