Monday, December 21, 2009

Drink Up

After 25 months and 118 Songs of the Week, I finally repeat an artist, indeed, my favorite artist of 2008, the collegiate worldbeat wonder known as Vampire Weekend.

The song itself, ‘Horchata,’ is a seasonal song for people who hate seasonal songs.

It begins referencing foreign refreshments, the Spanish almond milkshake known as ‘horchata’ (pictured below) and the orange soda a la italiana called ‘aranciata..’

It proceeds to touch on seasonal discomforts – ‘December’s too cold to handle,’ looking ‘psychotic in a balaklava..’ but, ultimately, it sweeps you up in its wordless holiday chorale and makes you – just momentarily – feel the prettiness and wintry calm that come with the ides of December…

And with that, warm holiday wishes to one and all. Have some really good moments and find the good heart that beats strong, even amid the chaos, calories, and commercialism… I leave Wednesday for a week with my family in Arizona, but postings will continue throughout the holiday season and the closing days of this decade.


Come sing along with VW.... I was set to see them in concert Jan 18 but it looks like I'll be away on a business trip, in Brazil.... I guess I can't complain too much....

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