Sunday, December 06, 2009

Creamy Thighs

..from Budapest's main covered market, on our last day in Hungary. It snowed here yesterday, but it did not stick. I ate out three times in five hours.. At 1:30, I had a grilled chicken, lentil and garbanzo salad at New Venus Diner, at 3:30 I had a Berry Fulfilling lite smoothie at Jamba Juice, and at 6, we met Christi at Gobo for a gourmet vegetarian treat...

Here's the Budapest market from the outside, on the left side of this shady street... It's getting cold here in the city, and it touches 32F briefly tonight...

It's 'Ganseleber,' goose liver in pretty colored tins... On Friday I saw three doctors in five hours, and lost - and found - $1,000 worth of my precious possessions - in between and around appointment two and three. I saw my general, skin, and doom eye doctor on 73rd, 61st, and 40th Streets, respectively, and I got a shot, a test, a cream, and ticket to prism...

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