Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Read/Hear It Here First!

Hey all, I'm enjoying this mid-week holiday after a grueling first week on the new job! It's rare these days that a newsstand makes me smile, but it happened this morning. New York Magazine's cover story is 'Brooklyn's Sonic Boom: How New York became America's music capital again.'

Lo and behold, three bands I love on the cover, of which two were featured in Song of the Week! Grizzly Bear (bottom, left) back in June, MGMT (bottom, right) in April 2008. The third, Dirty Projectors, is their #1 choice, and is an acquired taste (a musical anchovy?) but is under consideration..

It includes a Brooklyn music map of 16 venues, with my beloved Music Hall of Williamburg firmly at #1! It also includes a Top 40 songs that define the sound of right now, of which 8 of the top 11 are Song of the Week providers - this playlist is downloadable on ITunes. Besides avant-garde gay quartet Grizzly Bear at #2 and indie power-poppers MGMT at #3, honors go to TV On the Radio, Gang Gang Dance, Vivian Girls, Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, and Hercules & Love Affair... In addition, I've posted concerts by Grizzly Bear and Vivian Girls, oddly not in Brooklyn

The conclusion: my blog, and Song of the Week, will keep you plugged-in and hip! :-)

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