Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thomas' New Old Camera

Something old, something new... My friend Thomas is an avid - and talented - photographer, and when he visits from Argentina, he usually orders photographic equipment to be delivered to my care so he can carry it back. When he stayed here in September, the new prize was a 19th century camera made lightweight with 21st century materials..

Some independent company in the Midwest makes these things... I'd love to explain how they work, but I know less abut classic (and current) film technology than I do about beekeeping : - )

I was
delighted to be the 'test dummy' for Thomas' first shots with this contraption!

And here's Thomas, photographed by Thomas.... You can follow his photography blogs, www.buenosairesphotographer.com and www.thomaslockehobbs.com, which you can also link to on the left side of this here blog...

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