Monday, November 16, 2009

Learn To Learn To Learn

This one has been a long time coming! I kept forgetting to use, for Song of the Week, 'Learn To Learn' by The Week That Was, from late 2008.

Perhaps, because it's an olive or an anchovy on the musical menu - not to everyone's taste, but most scrumptious if your musical taste buds are so aligned...

This song is informed, but not defined, by its influences: Peter Gabriel, XTC, and mid-period Beatles. Its mastermind, Peter Brewis, is 1/3 of the lovely, Beatlesque 'Field Music,' with his brother David, and may or may not be leaving that very similar group for this project. Listen and hear for yourself. Here's the very cinematic black & white video for 'Learn To Learn:'

The other single was 'Scratch The Surface:'

You should also here Peter's work with his day job, Field Music... here's the angular and jittery alternative new wave of 'In Context...'

Finally, a live performance of 'The Airport Line,' my personal favorite on the album..

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