Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rain Cancels

We had to cancel the Giant Stairs hike I was going to co-lead this morning.
New York's had heavy rain for two days now, and the massive boulders of this hike are treacherous when slippery. So, the slightest rain cancels. This is the Plaza of Heroes in Budapest...

Co-leaders of a hike must make the official decision at 7am on the morning of the hike.
I had my cell phone right by my bed. That was a short and drowsy conversation... Here is the Palace of Art in Budapest, to the left of Plaza of Heroes, a vast 100,000 piece plus collection that corresponds to our Met Museum, albeit 1/10 the size. That plaza is the gateway to a park that's full of attractions (zoos, steam baths, museums) but skimpy on greenery...

And here's that park's skimpy greenery. Back in New York, JP & I have decided to make the best of this rain-swept day and go gallery hopping this afternoon with my hike co-leader Steve..

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