Monday, November 16, 2009

Make A Date With A Fox

I just got entertained : - )

Don't miss Wes Anderson's terrific stop-motion animated film of Roald Dahl's classic 'The Fantastic Mr Fox.'

This film works on both adult and kid levels, with Roald Dahl's unsentimental dark humor filtered through Anderson's trademark quirkiness. By the last of its 93 delicious minutes my face muscles ached from smiling! Top-flight actors supply the voices (Clooney, Streep, Murray, DaFoe) and the soundtrack is a twangy 60s AM-radio treat.

The trailer
conveys the film's flavor and wit but neither reveals plot nor shows the entire movie in encapsulation...

In stop-motion, and object is
physically manipulated to appear to move on its own, in small increments between separately photographed frames that seem to move when played in sequence. It's proto-animation, and is less polished and slick than today's CGI, but has more warmth and personality, CGI, a fun and novel world in which to spend an hour or two.. Here's a stop-motion King Kong Volkswagen ad clip from the 70s...

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