Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm So Happy You Failed

This week, I indulge myself with a Song of the Week that's a very musical, very obscure slice of novelty pop from 1999..

Since you've probably never heard it, it might just as well be new, right? Of course, right! : - )

It's Laptop's 'I'm So Happy You Failed!' Laptop is Jesse Hartman, who as a teenager, in the 1990s, joined the Spinal-Tap-esque regrouping of seminal 1970s punk band Richard Hell and the Voidoids, whose glory days Hartman spent in grade school...
The 'Failed' video is as great as you'd expect from his day job, which is 'filmmaker.'

Yes, Hartman, who lives in the East Village, is also a filmmaker and actor, and won Best Short Film at the 1993 Berlin Festival with 'Happy Hour'... He's acted in several indie films, including his own brother Phil's 'Eerie' and 'No Panic.' I couldn't find any film snippets. Here's Jesse live, music with a comedy performance touch, in February 2007 at the Ars Nova Theater..

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