Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Have Your Cake And...

Our JP's birthday-and-Halloween party pi├Ęce de resistance: A giant pumpkin-shaped cake from Dean & DeLuca with a shell of gourmet white chocolate frosting covering six layers of spiced cake with ginger, coconut, and many other goodies sweet and tangy...

If only the icing had stuck better to the cake... Here's what it looked like once we opened it and made some headway consuming it...

JP's official birthday cake was a more traditional affair, a 'Brooklyn blackout' chocolate cake with gourmet chocolate icing and ultra-rich chocolate pudding for filling...

Our energetic birthday boy easily extinguished five candles with one shot...

Fernando was kind enough to bring yet another birthday cake, this one with JP's name on it!

Pretzels, grapes, and chips rounded out the libations, with a special performance by melon & berries in champagne..

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