Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mexcellent! And Back Where It Belongs...

I really, really, REALLY, missed
Burritoville when it closed two years ago. It was the only cheap, quick, healthy, tasty meal in these hear parts. I was so, so SO happy that they re-opened two weeks ago on 23rd St near 8th Avenue, right next door to its old location... With their trademark Mexican versions of Hollywood movie posters!

Founded in 1992, this health-and-veggie-friendly chain grew to 16 locations in Manhattan and one each in Long Island (Westbury) and NJ (Hoboken). Bankrupt in September 2008, all the Manhattan locations closed! (sniff, sniff).. but.... It was sold to new owners in November and completely made over, with a streamlined but still-great menu...

That's 'Untameable Eagles' up there (a cheap French knock off of Howard Hawkes' 'Only Angels Have Wings'), with 'The Wasp Woman' on the right and 'no smoking' under it... Excerpt from 'Angels': click here.

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