Monday, October 26, 2009

Low Key & Legendary

I'm thrilled to highlight, this week, new music by veteran indie lo-fi rock trio Yo La Tengo from Hoboken, who are likely the most respected indie band in American music. Our song of the week, 'Nothing To Hide' is a spare but energetic tune, as catchy as it is drony..

YLT's uncompromising innovation and creativity, and avoidance of all trends, have made them "the quintessential critics' band.' Their ironically titled new album, 'Popular Songs,' showcase the group's diverse palette within their chosen genre, with nods to Motown, 60s pop, blues-rock, and many, many moods..

YLT's core is the long, happy marriage of Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, who play guitar and drums, respectively, and both sing wonders within their modest range. The trio's third wheel is the hefty James McNew on base, notable for his 'Dump' side project of drony Prince remakes called 'That skinny motherf**ker with the high voice'.

As for the name 'Yo La Tengo,' spanish for 'I got it!', it's a phrase frequently yelled by the New York Mets' Venezuelan shortstop, Elio Chacón, in the 60s, before colliding with the center fielder... : - )

Yo La Tengo worked with great directors to provide four videos for the new album. 'Periodically Double or Triple' is a adorable fruit-play with a 60s pop organ riff...

Here's the very mellow 'Avalon or Someone Very Similar,' shot in the park, with a little electric animation..

Our Song of the Week, 'Nothing To Hide' is mostly performance...

'Here to Fall' somehow combines violin riffs, soft rock, psychedelia, and Led-Zeppelin blues, in a poignant six-minute package...

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