Monday, October 19, 2009

Lovely Loopy Electropop Side Project

One of 2009's surprise musical pleasures is the electro-pop candy of Discovery, a side project by Vampire Weekend's erudite keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij as Ra Ra Riot vocalist Wes Miles... Today's Song of The Week is 'Osaka Loop Line,' a shimmery percolating and melodic synth thumper of a song.. Enjoy! The album was described by music critic Patrick Sisson as "filled with innocent, lovelorn lyrics and the last 30 years' worth of guilty-pleasure keyboard cliches."

No videos here and no live performances... But listen to 'Osaka Loop Line,' it's a pretty album cover, all in rainbow... : - )

So, no singles and no promotion? Maybe I just haven't seen it.
Both their group name 'Discovery' and their album name 'LP' are very hard to Google... Here's my second favorite song of their album, 'Orange Shirt'...

And now one song each from the twosome's respective day jobs... First, Vampire Weekend's witty, pretty, literate 'Oxford Comma'....

And the animated clip for Ra Ra Riot's 'Dying Is Fine,'
a cleverly arranged orchestral pop number that was almost a Song of The Week last year...

Both Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot came out of Columbia University and are intelligent, wry, crisp, and, well... collegiate..... Vampire Weekend's 2008 debut topped many 'best of' lists that year - including my own!.. Ra Ra Riot got off to a slower start, sadly due to the death by drowning of the band's original drummer.... Vampire Weekend's sophomore album, Contra, is among the most anticipated in all music-dom... It's coming January 11, 2010... If it's really, really great I might consider revisiting an artist for the FIRST TIME since I launched Song of the Week in September 2007, 109 songs ago... Vampire Weekend was the FIFTH of 110 Songs of the Week, with 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.'

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