Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blown Away

Possibly the best war movie ever made, possibly the best film I'll see in 2009.... 'The Hurt Locker' literally, literally had me at the edge of my seat for two hours, adrenaline pumping through me...

You should probably see this even if the idea of an Iraq war movie sounds wearisome. This film wipes the other right off the slate.. It follows three men who comprise an elite squad charged with dismantling the home-made bombs that pop up all over Baghdad like deadly booby traps...

Written by a journalist 'embedded' in such a unit, the film was made in Jordan, cast with brilliant unknowns for leads and actual Iraqi refugees for extras.

It's not about issues or politics, it's about the raw experience, the intense emotional state of living with danger in a baking-hot, dusty, hostile place. 'Hurt Locker' received unanimous critical acclaim, and is the year's best-reviewed film so far - with a stunning 94 average rating from 35 leading critics, it may stay that way! Watch the trailer:

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