Sunday, September 27, 2009

Under the DUMBO Bridge Festival

IMG_0165Yesterday I had a full day outside, a crisp, partly-sunny autumn day.. Morning I took in the DUMBO Under The Bridge Art Festival, an outdoor affair, with JP & Donna.

That's going on all this weekend, though currently being rained on : - (

This week my blog will be peppered with festival photos...

This installation is called 'New York City Boomtown 2006 by Artcodex.. It 'creates a commentary about the failing boom markets of art and release estate by recreating a post gold rush town.'

Exhibit in White, offseting the day's darkest, cloudiest moment... Later, the sun peeked through...

DUMBO of course is a neighborhood exactly where its initials say it is: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass...


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