Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Back

Way back....It's the first day of autumn, and I must be in denial, since today's Song of the Week is beach blanket fodder...

The edgy, twangy 'Love Is A Wave' rushes over you like waves of garage rock and surf music played with the urgency of 70s punk...

It's by New York's own Crystal Stilts, an angular quintet built on Brad Hargett's vocals and JB Townsend's guitar licks, with distaff drums supplied by Frankie Rose, formerly of Vivian Girls (see SOTW of June 22, 2009). Frankie tried to split her time between two bands, a fool's errand, and chose the Stilts.

Here's the extremely clever and inventive video for 'Love Is A Wave...'

The Stilts' just-released second album is led off by the delightfully drony 'Departure,'
I almost - almost - almost - chose this over 'Love Is A Wave' as the Song of the Week... almost... The video invokes student protests of yore...

For a change of pace, the
hippie-rific 'Prismatic Room' from the Stilts' 2008 debut...

Also from the debut, the deliciously retro song 'Sugarbaby...' The Stilts chose dancers to perform a dance called 'da stanky leg...'

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